Gabrielle de Saint Clair


Gabrielle de Saint Clair

After many years of working professionally in various aspects and disciplines within the commercial Art World and industry, Gabrielle has eventually resurrected her passion to create herself, as an artist.
Starting as a gallerist with Natalie Knight Gallery with David Krut to head of the Painting Department with Stephan Welz & Co. in Association with Sotheby’s, to a freelance art journalist for the Financial Mail as well as working as a fine art dealer for many years, Gabrielle has culminated the years of commercial experience within the Arts into formalizing her knowledge and experience through academic study in Fine Arts. She has focused her energy on creating works in painting, drawing, print, sculptor as well as in various multi-media mediums.

“My work has been an adventurous exploration of different mediums and techniques in expressing the indepth condition of being human in the world we live in. This study and examination has led me to express the depth of my own and the human psyche as well as the history and development of where I came from, where I am at this moment and where I may be going, all while striving to keep my focus and awareness rooted in the present. The world of natural wonder draws an unending well of inspiration.


+230 583 31107



Mer Dragon Farm, Brandwacht, Worcester, 6850

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